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I attended a customized two-day seminar with Equipment Simulations this past month which was filled with helpful material and information....Some of the most helpful parts of the seminar were learning some of the more advanced aspects of Flash, creating project plans for technical, online computer-based training, and, with no doubt, receiving best customer care ever....Not only did I get all the hands-on training I was looking for, but also walked away with pages of valuable resources.

Ken Bambace
Web Training & Curriculum Developer
Bayer Diagnostics, Inc.



The customized two-day workshop is designed to introduce your design and development teams to the instructional and engineering best practices for the development of simulation-based training, as well as to help your team's project get off the ground in a constructive and efficient fashion. Towards these ends, the typical workshop package is composed of three parts:

  • Two days of onsite training, mixing instruction with practice opportunities including development of the chosen project
  • A special discussion board off of's discusion board, hidden to the general public, that allows asynchronous communication among participants and the workshop leaders for up to two months following the onsite training
  • An agreed upon number of additional hours of design or programming assistance by Amethyst following the onsite training, to help develop or complete the project (within a limited time period following the onsite training).

By customizing the material to the chosen project, Equipment Simulations staff teaches the participants to apply the principles in a grounded context that is meaningful to their specific aim. Exercises, examples, and group discussions are centered on the specific project device focus.

With practice using the methodologies, developers can reduce the time of design and production of simulators by as much as 50%, at the same time as producing more efficient, stable, scaleable, and maintainable designs and code. Furthermore, by following the instructional principles outlined in the workshop, designers can produce lean and efficient training to maximize performance improvement via focused, measurable performance objectives.

Please note: The workshop schedule is customized to the needs of your project and team, for example, Amethyst can break off separate groups for instructional designers and developers and provide more or less detail as needed.




The workshop typically includes the following deliverables:
One copy of “Flash MX for Interactive Simulation: How to Construct and Use Device Simulation” for each participant

  • Presentation notes for the workshop
  • Code to accompany the presentation notes
  • Book update code, including v1.5 of the Flash State Engine (Flash MX 2004)
  • QHsm State Engine code by Miro Samek (Flash MX and Flash MX 2004)
  • Special tools for rapid prototyping of statecharts.

Following the onsite training, Amethyst delivers a copy of any designs or code produced as part of the additional design and programming performed in the eight hours of additional work.

Actual price depends on the needs of the client and how much additional consulting is required. Average price is $7,500 plus modest travel expenses.