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MYTH: You need a simulator.

FACT: You need a good instructional TRAINER, which may use a simulator, but simply having a computerized representation of your device doesn't mean users will learn features or techniques well.

Let us show you how to organize the process efficiently and effectively.
MYTH: It costs a lot of money to make a simulator.

FACT: Yes, it may cost a lot of money to create a fully-accurate simulation of your device, but do you NEED a fully-accurate simulation, or do you REALLY NEED effective training?

Let us show you how they are different.
MYTH: You need a specialized toolkit to create simulations.

FACT: Off-the-shelf programs, such as Macromedia Flash, are perfectly capable of creating highly-realistic device simulations and presentations. Using development tools for which there are only handfuls of knowledgeable people, as compared with millions of Flash developers, can cost you dearly for maintenance and upgrade. Besides, do you really want to pay annual license fees as well?

Let us show you how Flash can be used to make effective trainers.
MYTH: The code is so complex that consultants have to make all changes.

FACT: Depending on the development package, many changes, such as wording or multimedia substitution, can be performed by a person with relatively few technical skills. Demand that your consultants show you and your staff how to make such changes, or find better consultants.

Let us show you our many cost-effective approaches.
MYTH: Simulators require special hardware or software to operate, and we use PowerPoint for our presentations.

FACT: Many packages, such as Flash, integrate well with conventional presentation software such as PowerPoint, even running on less-than-leading-edge computers.

The Flash Player plug-in is loaded on 93% of the computers today.