Equipment Simulations LLC
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What is the Problem?

By and large, people learn to operate equipment more from on-the-job experience than from formal training. Inadequate and improper training and evaluation, whether for salespeople, employees, distributors, or customers, has a direct negative impact on job performance, resulting in errors that are costly in terms of time, money, product image, and even human life. Common sense dictates that maximum performance impact is achieved from recurrent, effective, and measured practice and assessment, not infrequent, boring training.

The promise of e-learning—anytime, anyplace, anywhere training—is largely unfulfilled in terms of performance impact because much of today’s “interactive” e-learning is simply ineffective formal classroom instruction converted to an online format.

Why Us?

Equipment Simulations LLC helps equipment manufacturers produce interactive simulation-based training that replicates the on-the-job experience in a safe and effective manner, to enhance both live and self-paced instruction and competency assessment.

For medium and large manufacturers, we actively partner with their training department to support and enhance their internal staff, not try to sell turnkey systems that duplicate or override their existing expertise.

Most importantly, we measure success by performance outcomes changes, and help clients quantify the changes in terms of costs and benefits (business value).

Our core competencies are:

  • Performance-based instruction
  • Interactive simulation design and development
  • Proficiency assessment and certification
  • e-Learning technologies.

Unlike other multimedia and e-Learning companies, Equipment Simulations employs instructional and engineering best practices in simulation development that:

  • Focus on the interactions directly related to measurable performance improvement
  • Reduce development time by more than 50%
  • Produce designs that are scaleable, maintainable, and verifiable.